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Witchtomb Media vita in morte sumus “What do I utter? what conceive? did breath Of demon howl it in a blasphemy? Or was it mine own voice, informed, Nov 4, 2021 Dungeons
Witchtomb Nov 4, 2021 Dungeons Media vita in morte sumus “What do I utter? what conceive? did breath Of demon howl it in a blasphemy? Or was it mine own voice, informed, Pilgrims of the Nighted Path featured on Funhaus Oct 31, 2021 Funhaus recently posted an actual play of my South Louisiana based Halloween adventure Pilgrims Of The Nighted Path. It was a blast to watch. Check Again, I Rise. Oct 14, 2021 Lore Immortality Options for Player Characters Zentigor The Everdead, Lich King of Mothreach will purchase a living creature’s death for 500gp (it can Thoughts on Adventure Writing Sep 26, 2021 First things first, I’m not an expert. I write some adventures that I think appeal to a small niche of Other World explorers. But nothing with any Black Feather Forest Sep 21, 2021 Hexcrawls Your small raft drifts aimlessly on the windless sea. You see a lantern light pierce the thick fog. The first sign of land some time. It sits on the Basic Shape Characters Sep 10, 2021 Tutorials & Art This is a fun way to practice drawing. Start with a basic shape then add details until it’s a character or something. You could use the results as Beyond The Casket Door Sep 9, 2021 Dungeons At an hour only you resurrectionists know, your shovels hit the casket. But you find no body for the surgeons. Instead, stairs… going down. A. d10 Dungeon Decorations Sep 9, 2021 Tables The following descriptions come from the field journals of Society researchers exploring subterranean structures in the Other Worlds. Carved stone Cellar Of Doom Sep 8, 2021 Dungeons & Tutorials Cellar of Doom An example HTML Dungeon for Tunnel Goons Dorcus, the tavern owner, has lost her cat Marjorie! She went down into the A Letter On Goblins Sep 5, 2021 Lore The following is an excerpt from a letter found in the wreckage of the Blue Rose College’s Library of Anthropology. Dear Cormorant Archfellow, Upon Hirelings in the Red Market Sep 5, 2021 Tables 2d6 Urchin Street Performers- Costs 1d4gp each per day. These dirty children can dance, juggle, tumble, pick pockets, and scrap. They are not very Queen Caracola Sep 5, 2021 Art Barrow Of The Elf King Sep 4, 2021 Dungeons An exploratory location for fantasy tabletop adventure games. Suggested for a party of 3-4 level one adventurers Bestarium Geondica Sep 4, 2021 Generators Using this generator, folks generated random creature names and wrote descriptions for them on Twitter. Descriptions had Fever Black Mountain Sep 3, 2021 Dungeons He hunts not only for hunger, but for pleasure. He takes joy in the pain and fear he inflicts on his quarry. He is not