Highland Paranormal Society's Dungeon Research
bff Nov 8, 2022
bff Nov 8, 2022 friends Nov 8, 2022 fisherman Nov 8, 2022 eustace Nov 8, 2022 mermaid Nov 8, 2022 bffhexmap Nov 8, 2022 vecskull Nov 8, 2022 tgani Nov 8, 2022 hirelings Nov 8, 2022 somegoblins Nov 8, 2022 paintings Nov 8, 2022 btcdtitle Nov 8, 2022 writing Nov 8, 2022 skellyman Nov 8, 2022 d10 Dungeon Decorations Jan 1, 2022 The following descriptions come from the field journals of Society researchers exploring subterranean structures in the Other Worlds. Carved stone Black Feather Forest Jan 1, 2022 Your small raft drifts aimlessly on the windless sea. You see a lantern light pierce the thick fog. The first sign of land some time. It sits on the Beyond The Casket Door Jan 1, 2022 At an hour only you resurrectionists know, your shovels hit the casket. But you find no body for the surgeons. Instead, stairs… going down. A. Again, I Rise Jan 1, 2022 Immortality Options for Player Characters Zentigor The Everdead, Lich King of Mothreach will purchase a living creature’s death for 500gp (it can be Witchtomb Nov 4, 2021 Dungeons Media vita in morte sumus “What do I utter? what conceive? did breath Of demon howl it in a blasphemy? Or was it mine own voice, informed, Pilgrims of the Nighted Path featured on Funhaus Oct 31, 2021 Funhaus recently posted an actual play of my South Louisiana based Halloween adventure Pilgrims Of The Nighted Path. It was a blast to watch. Check
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