Cellar of Doom Cellar of Doom

An example HTML Dungeon for Tunnel Goons


Dorcus, the tavern owner, has lost her cat Marjorie! She went down into the cellar and never came back up. Dorcus went down but heard voices and got scared. If you retrieve Marjorie then its free drinks on the house for the whole tavern! You’ll be legends!

Cellar Map

1. Crates of Rats

Dark, musty, smells of mold. Crates are stacked against the walls. Scratching noises can be hear coming from two of them. If the two crates are touched they will burst open and 3d6 Big Nasty Rats (DS5) will attack!

2. Hairball

Room is littered with dusty bed linens, rusty cookware, and rat droppings. A hairball lies in the middle of the room. If stepped on, make a DS5 Skulker roll to not slip and fall. An old dirty mirror hides a door to Room 5.

3. Clothing Racks

Two long clothing racks span the room. Old outfits left in the inn’s rooms over the years. Dorcus always has clothes to spare for those in need. Searching the clothes will reveal 3d6 gold coins in spare change.

4. Flooded Room

Water trickles from a pipe in the ceiling. Ankle deep water covers the floor. 2d6 Big Gross Waterbugs (DS6) climb onto the PCs searching for rations. They smell like sewage.

5. The Earth Wyrm

A giant earth worm (DS10) has burrowed through the wall and is attacking a small kobold. The kobold is holding Marjorie in one arm and wielding a club in the other. Krazdak the Kobold has secretly been living in the cellar and Marjorie brings him food scraps sometimes.

6. Wine Cellar

Dozens of bottles of cheap, old wine fill a shelf. Mixed among the bottle is a Potion of Fire Breathing.

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