d10 Dungeon Decorations

The following descriptions come from the field journals of Society researchers exploring subterranean structures in the Other Worlds.

  1. Carved stone columns covered with life size stone hands that wrap around in a spiral pattern. The stone hands will grab anyone that comes near enough and become still. The only way to be free of their grip is to break them.
  2. A fountain featuring a cherubic frog spitting water into a pool of floating Lilly pads. A layer of algae covers everything. The algae will spread rapidly on to anything that touches it. Being covered in algae gives a -1 to damage and dexterity saves. It can be scrubbed off with soap and clean water or can be brushed off easily after drying in the sun for an hour.
  3. A painting of a young woman. If someone stands directly in front of it and stares into her eyes, they take on the physical appearance of the figure in the painting and the painting takes on the appearance of the viewer. The appearance in the painting can be replaced indefinitely but all appearances reset to normal at midnight.
  4. A book shelf with 2d6 books. They are all blank, including their covers. Any book or scroll placed on the shelf becomes blank. If someone writes in one book, the writing appears in all of them regardless of distance apart. They will become blank again when placed on the shelf.
  5. A pile of apples. Some bruised and broken. A chalk circle on the ceiling directly above them.
  6. A locked cage. Inside is a set of ragged clothes, shackles and a piece of paper from a grimoire that reads Bartholomew’s Incantation of Demattering” followed by a paragraph of mostly unreadable smudges. The following phrases can be made out: …the summoning….offer…value…BEWARE!…gravity or friction…be sure to…or fall forever…”
  7. Five potted orange trees. A chalk sun on the ceiling glows like daylight for 8 hours a day and chalk clouds above each tree rain lightly for 10 minutes once per day. Disfiguring the chalk drawing nullifies the magic.
  8. A guillotine with a headless scarecrow in it. The scarecrow’s burlap sack head lies nearby on the floor with a crying face painted on it. There is no rope or mechanism to operate the guillotine but if any neck is place in it the blade drops on its own before slowly resetting.
  9. A staircase to a door barred on this side. Behind the door is the wall painted to look like a woodland path with a fox lying on it. If the door is closed and opened again the fox is gone. If opened a third time the painting is gone.
  10. A thick circle of salt is on the floor. If the circle is broke, a low chuckle is heard and any light sources go out.

Two people inspect painting by torchlight

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