Hirelings in the Red Market

  1. 2d6 Urchin Street Performers- Costs 1d4gp each per day. These dirty children can dance, juggle, tumble, pick pockets, and scrap. They are not very obedient or trustworthy but are experts at gathering a crowd and drawing attention. 1HD each.
  2. Goblin Chimney Sweep- Costs 3gp per day and 10% of any loot. This small soot-stained fellow can climb like a spider, move as quietly as a mouse and squeeze through tight spaces like a cat. Comes equipped with thieves tools and a chimney brush. 2HD.
  3. Mechanical Man- Costs 20gp and one flask of oil per day. Gold is paid to the Machinist Guild and is due weekly. The Mechanical Man will follow any simple task to the best of his ability. If killed there is a 2-in-6 chance of a violent explosion. Armored as chain mail. 3HD.
  4. Beetle Stevedore- Costs 1d4gp and a large lunch per day. This strong beetle can carry twice as much as the average person. They hate violence and will not fight unless their life is threatened. Their natural shell function as chain mail.
  5. Priest of The Hidden God- Costs 2gp and a bottle of wine per day. Claims to be a servant of a mysterious god with no name. Preaches against pet ownership, sobriety, and monarchy. Not very strong, quick, or resilient, but has the medicinal expertise of a journeyman barber and can cast a healing spell once per day to restore 1d4 damage.
  6. Hunting Dog- Costs 2gp per day, paid in advance to the Kennel Master.” The claims of expert tracking skills will prove false when tested. The dog is only good at tracking down rations to devour. It is scared of most creatures larger than itself. However, it has been blessed by a Luck Devil and, if treated kindly, will find 1d4 discarded gold coins per day. Hirelings
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